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GMS - Groundwater Modeling System is the most intuitive and capable software platform used to create groundwater and subsurface simulations in a 3D environment.

GMS is the quickest and most intuitive groundwater modeling interface available. Construct a high level representation of the model using familiar GIS objects: points, arcs and polygons and easily update the model as needed.

Several types of models are supported and facilities are provided to share information between different models and data types. Tools are provided for site characterization, model conceptualization, mesh and grid generation, geostatistics, and post-processing.

GMS Conceptual Model


The interface for GMS is divided into eleven modules. A module is provided for each of the basic data types supported by GMS. As you switch from one module to another module, the Dynamic Tool Palette and the Menus change. This allows you to focus only on the tools and commands related to the data type you wish to use in the modeling process. Switching from one module to another can be done instantaneously to facilitate the simultaneous use of several data types when necessary. The following modules are supported in GMS:

TIN Module

2D Mesh Module

3D Mesh Module

Map Module

Borehole Module

2D Grid Module

3D Grid Module

GIS Module

Solid Module

2D Scatter Point Module

3D Scatter Point Module

Numerical Models

Numerical models are programs that are separate from GMS that are used to run an analysis on a model. The models can be built in GMS, and then run through the numerical model program. GMS can then read in and display the results of the analysis.

With most numerical models, GMS has the option of using a Model Wrapper to run the model and display real-time results during the model simulation.

The following numerical models are currently supported in GMS.

GMS Module

3D Grid

Map Module

2D Mesh

3D Mesh

Model Name

  • MT3DMS
  • RT3D
  • ART3D
  • SEAM3D
  • PEST