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GIS in Government

GIS in Municipal Corporation

The Trend of GIS application is shifting from an operational support tool to a strategic decision support system. Municipalities/Municipal corporations consist of various departments which deal with various utility services. For efficient and economical municipal administration, a comprehensive and integrated Geographic Information System has become essential.
GIS in Municipal Corporation

Municipal corporations deal with enormous spatial as well as non-spatial data from various sources. Spatial data is available in the form of maps, satellite data and aerial photographs while non-spatial data is available as various reports, attribute information from various sources. Integrating this data over single common platform helps in analyzing the information as well as making some important decisions.

One major requirement of any municipal body is improvement of revenue through various techniques. The property mapping and utility mapping services assist municipal bodies in achieving higher revenue through better understanding with Geographic data overlay.

Schnell’s GIS services include–

  • Satellite Image processing and registration
  • Development Plan Geo-Registration
  • Large scale mapping
  • Utilities Mapping, database creation
  • Ground truthing and attribute data collection through physical survey for tax department as well as for utilities
  • Data integration and application development