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Digitization Services

GIS based Digitization

Schnell has got special expertise in Digitization services at best possible rate. We execute work with best of the quality and within given time limits. Our Digitization and related services include –

1. Scanning – Schnell is having complete infrastructure for scanning of various types of Maps having sizes varying from A4 to A0. We carry out scanning at 200 dpi or better resolution so as to achieve desired accuracy. Scanning is done in such a manner that the scanned map are free from any distortion /rotation and scale modification etc. and all the content of the maps are clearly legible.

2. Image Registration – Image geo-referencing is a process of assigning real world co-ordinates to the raw raster data, so that all points in the raster are assigned with ground co-ordinates making it geo-referenced. We carry out geo-referencing using some best in the world GIS softwares.

3. Digitization – Geo-referencing is followed by digitization of various features such as point features, line features and area features. All the major as well as small details are digitized. Digitization is generally carried out for Cadastral mapping, parcel mapping, road network mapping, water bodies mapping, utilities mapping.

The digitization process can be performed in three principal ways i.e. manual, semi automatic and automatic. The manual digitization can be done in two basic ways one is heads-up digitization another is heads-down digitization.

Heads-up digitization method uses scanned copy of the tracing sheet in JPEG or TIFF format and digitization is being done on the screen of the computer monitor. Therefore it is also known as on screen digitization. While the heads-down digitization is being done on a digitizing table using a magnetic pen known as Puck These days the heads-down digitization became obsolete as it is a strenuous way of digitizing. Semi-automatic and automatic methods of digitizing requires post processing but saves lot of time and resources compared to manual method.

Digitization is followed by attribute data entry. This data varies from application to application. Mosaicing of images is done if required. After completion of digitization process, we can take print outs at various scales as well as generate reports.