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Geographic IMAGER

Geographic Imager - GIS and spatial imaging tools to edit GeoTIFF, DEM, MrSID and more in Adobe Photoshop

Schnell is preferred partner of Avenza Systems Inc., Canada for marketing its product Geographic IMAGER in India. Geographic Imager transforms Adobe Photoshop into a powerful spatial imagery editing tool.

It adds tools to import, edit, manipulate and export geospatial images such as aerial and satellite imagery.

Geographic Imager supports GeoTIFF in Adobe Photoshop as well as many other industry standard geospatial raster formats. Mosaic and tile images, transform between map projections, and rectify and georeference images based on ground control points. Batch-process your imagery using Geographic Imager and Adobe Photoshop scripting capabilities. Create shaded relief images from DEM data and apply colour ramps. Advanced Import allows multiple file formats to be imported simultaneously with access to more options

Partial Summary of Tools and Features

Import and Export
Raster/Reference formats: (Import & Export) BigTIFF, ERDAS IMAGINE Raster, ECW, geospatial PDF, GeoTIFF, JPEG 2000, MrSID*, NITF; (Import only) BSB, BIL, GeoPDF®, MrSID/MG4 LiDAR, PCI EASI/PACE, SGI, Web Map Service. DEM formats: ESRI Grid, ERDAS IMAGINE, Grayscale DEM GeoTIFF, USGS SDTS, DEM, DTED, SRTM. External Reference formats: World (TFW, TIFW, WLD, JPGW, JGW, PGW, SDW, EWW, BLW, GFW, DMW, BPW), RSF, TAB, ERS. Advanced Import allows for multiple file import with many options.
Import or add ground control points for accurate georeferencing of images with multiple transformation types supported. Save GCP data as reference files and quickly reference using only one or two tie-points.
Extensive support for thousands of geographic and projected coordinate systems to transform and reproject with the ability to save custom definitions for future use
Mosaic individual images to create a seamless image
Tile an image into multiple images by tile size or count. Save tiles to various image formats.
Crop images by pixel, geodetic or projected extents while maintaining georeferencing properties.
Terrain Shader
Apply customizable and adjustable colour ramps to DEMs, including terrain shading/lighting options.
Adobe Photoshop on Windows and Mac (see Avenza website for latest compatibility requirements).