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GEO5 suite of programs

Geo5 - GeoTechnical Engineering Software

Schnell has tied up with Fine spol. s r.o., Czech Republic company for distributing Geotechnical engineering software GEO5 in India

The GEO5 suite of programs is designed to solve various geotechnical problems. The easy -to -use suite consists of individual programs with a unified user-friendly interface. Each program is used to analyse a different geotechnical task but all modules communicate with each other to form an integrated suite.

GEO5 Features

  • Integrated suite of programs
  • User-friendly environment
  • Comprehensive graphical output
  • Integrated contextual help
  • Compatibility with standards
  • Low-cost modular system
  • Various language versions
  • Permanent customer support

GEO5 Solutions : GEO5 software help you to address a wide variety of geotechnical problems. Besides common geotechnical engineering tasks, slope stability analysis, foundation design, retaining wall design, the suite also includes highly sophisticated applications for the analysis of tunnels, building damage due to tunnelling etc.
GEO5 consists of wide range of powerful programs based on analytical methods and the Finite Element Method.

Various modules under GEO5