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Global Mapper Training in India

Schnell Informatics Pvt. Ltd. provides in-depth training on Global Mapper and LiDAR Software. Global Mapper is a powerful GIS software package that allows you to view, edit, merge and export hundreds of supported file formats. Learn 'How to Use Global Mapper' for your GIS and Survey renderings.

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Training Programme

1. Introduction

  • What is GIS ?
  • GIS data model - Vector, Raster
  • Data types in GIS – Spatial and Non spatial
  • Components of GIS – Data, People, Method, Hardware and Software
  • Global Mapper – Overview (Introduction to Toolbars)

  • Gereoference/Rectify Images
  • Georefernce Toposheets/Maps
  • Rectify Maps/Images
  • Adding Multiple Toposheets – Map Catalog
  • Mosaic Toposheets
  • Cropping Toposheets/Maps
  • Supported data formats( Import and Export)
  • Working with the Overlay Control Center
  • Measure Tool
  • Using keyboard shortcuts

2. Digitizer Tool - Overview

  • Creating and Editing Map Features (Vector Data)
  • Drawing points, lines and polygons (freehand and COGO)
  • Modifying the geometry of existing objects
  • Creating range rings
  • Creating buffers
  • Creating a map grid
  • Creating a density map
  • Voronoi-Thiessen diagram creation

3. Digitizer Tool – Advanced Techniques

  • Managing Attributes
  • Adding attributes to new features
  • Updating object attribution
  • Joining tabular data to assign attribution
  • Creating a new layer from selected attributes or search results
  • Embedding a link to an external file
  • Generating a graph or chart
  • Vectorizing features from a raster layer
  • Query by Attribute
  • Searching and reentering the map on a specific address or coordinate
  • Searching the attribute data
  • Finding and replacing values in the attribute table
  • Searching for objects within areas, range rings, and buffers

4. Working with Spatial Data and 3D Data

  • Spatial Data
  • Exploring Online Data
  • Use of online satellite and elevation data
  • Importing a Digital Elevation Model
  • Geocoding addresses ( Search find address)
  • 3-D Modeling Functions
  • Importing xyz values to create an elevation model
  • Creating and customizing a 3-D terrain map
  • Importing LiDAR data
  • Filtering and cropping LiDAR points
  • Creating 3-D vector features (buildings, etc.)
  • Creating contours from a DEM
  • Creating TIN From Contours
  • Creating an elevation profile
  • Rendering and calculating line-of-sight values
  • Generating a view shed model
  • Calculating cut and/or fill volume
  • Generating watersheds
  • Calculating the volume between surfaces
  • Flood modeling

5. Map Layout

  • Setting up basic Map layout – Scale, Margins, Legend, North
  • Modify Legend

6. Data Exporting and Sharing

  • Printing the map view, PDF creation
  • Exporting vector layers
  • Exporting raster layers
  • Reprojecting layers
  • Exporting and sharing Global Mapper Package files
  • Collaborating with other Global Mapper users
  • Exporting elevation data
  • Exporting web-enabled data and tiles
  • Working with GPS receiver

7. Configuration

  • Managing the Configuration Options
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Creating New Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Batch Convert Process
  • Introduction to Scripting

8. Tutorials

  • Add Coordinate attributes to points
  • Creating Thematic Maps
  • Calculate the difference between ground control points and a DEM
  • Tips and Tricks in Global Mapper