Security Surveillance

Drones are being used very effectively for Surveillance by various Security forces. With drones, carrying out inspections is cheaper. Drone security patrols have the ability to monitor vast areas and provide high-quality images and video footage in real time, which could also mean that fewer on-site security officers are needed to protect a site or property. Speed is one of the major  advantages. Areas, which are inaccessible, can also be monitored effectively using Drones.

SCHNELL can deploy drones for 24×7 Surveillance for given AOI. SCHNELL is equipped with Drones, HD payloads & expertise with trained Pilots who can successfully accomplish the given tasks.

Use of drones for Armed Forces-

  1. Better Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition – Drones provide real-time information on targets’ positions, terrain, and enemy movements to commanders on the ground. Compared to high-altitude aircraft, drones can take closer footage without compromising the quality of both photos and video.
  2. Reduced Cost – Drones are cheaper than conventional aircraft in terms of both price and maintenance.
  3. Increased Convenience – Compared to conventional aircraft, drones are faster and easier to deploy. They are easier to operate and don’t need training as extensive as most aircraft. Also, many drones don’t need a runway, and other types can easily fit in a backpack.
  4. Increased Safety-Drone operators can provide real-time information without putting themselves at risk.
  5. Drones can be used effectively in the rescue operation during terrorist attacks.
  6. Scanning of the target area using Drones and provide processed 3D image before entering the target area to achieve better operational efficiency.


Use of Drones for Police Department-

  1. Black spot identification can be done using Drones.
  2. Crowd Monitoring – Use of Drones in Crowd Monitoring increases situational awareness by monitoring larger area during sporting events, public gatherings, parades, protests, and riots without significantly increase in manpower.
  3. Traffic monitoring can be done effectively using Drones. Drones can be very useful in Traffic accident scene investigation.


Use of Drones for Border Road Organization (BRO) –

  1. Surveillance of roads & bridges can be done using drones.
  2. Landslide monitoring
  3. Progress reports on periodic basis for various works can be done using drones.

Accident site & Tourist Activity can be monitored using drones.