Disaster Management

Disasters could be of different types. It results into loss of life, property, vegetation, infrastructure etc. Drones are proving extremely useful in disaster management. They are useful in quick assessment of the situation as well as can be used for saving lives with timely aid.

a. Assessing Situations Remotely-

Drones moves swiftly & are easy to maneuver. This has helped track and survey disaster zones and areas efficiently. Understandably, disasters may span enormous masses of land or water, making them gigantic to scale. However, the adaptability that is tailed in by UAVs and quadcopters have aided in assessing remote locations and areas affected by the disaster. High-resolution payloads attached to drones help capture real-time images of the disaster while also collecting the relevant data. It can also transmit the data in real time to the competent authority for making quick decisions in critical situations. The data is acquired faster than helicopters or any other mode due to the smooth movement with drones’ hover. The collected data can then be processed and mapped on 3D scales, fostering quick and immediate action.

b. Mapping disaster locations-

In disasters like flood, Drone with Mapping payload prove immensely helpful. Flood area can be mapped using drones & then those image can be processed to understand the exact severity of the situation. It also help to understand quickly about the area inundated & necessary relief majors can be undertaken. 3D Terrain map of the area can be useful to carry out flood analysis & to understand which are may get drowned if the water level rises further. The analysis can also help to identify the secure location for the safe movement of people as well as live stock.

c. Delivering Urgent Supplies-

Drones can be extremely useful in delivering much needed supplies during disaster situation. Such supplies can include first aid, ropes, flash lights, food packages etc.

d. Extinguishing Fires-

Disasters can be of different types. One common consequence of disaster is break out of fire.  It could be fire after earthquake or it could be forest fire which can be hazardous to mankind as well as flora & fauna. Drones can help in redirecting the fire fighters to the correct locations or the critical locations. In case of fires in highrise buildings, Drones can carry hose pipes to the upper floors & spray the water. In case of forest fires, drones can spray the water as well as drop hydrogen balls to extinguish fire. This can limit the spread of fire & save many lives or curtail the disaster to minimum.

e. Use of Thermal Payload during disaster- Drones fitted with Thermal payloads can be very effective during disaster situation. Such payloads can major the surface temperature at various locations during the fire to understand the severity of it. In case of forest fires, it becomes difficult for the fire fighters to move into deep forest to extinguish fire. Drone can be very useful in understanding the exact spread of fire & assess worst affected areas. Thermal sensors can get the surface temperature at various locations which can be useful to plan further action. Use of drones reduces the human intervention & ultimately minimizes the danger to the life.